Where to Find Inspiration for Your Next Party

Where to Find Inspiration for Your Next Party

I should probably name this where “I” find party inspiration.  Inspiration is subjective and personal so, where I find it might not be where you would find it.  It’s funny because so many people ask me all the time where I get my ideas from.  I’m giving everyone who wants to know this that answer today!  I was all set to blog some more past party photos but instead I thought it would be nice to actually to speak to someone who may be reading this looking for some direction or inspiration.  Yesterday was what I called “shopping Tuesday” and if you follow me on Instagram then you know where I went since I took all my IG followers along with me for the ride.  So, I don’t exactly get my inspiration from shopping Tuesday because I truly believe you’re inspired the most when you’re not looking however, I do visit sort of the same sources if that makes sense.

I know you all are thinking, Pinterest!  But no, in my humble opinion that’s where you go to gather representation of ideas you have after you’ve already been inspired.  Trust me, none of your favorite designers are inspired by things that have already been done and pinned!  Right now, some of my greatest inspiration comes from children’s clothing designers.  The way they put together colors, textures, art, etc. is truly inspiring to me.  I love and follow a lot of European children’s clothing designers because I like the modern clean lines they seem to have throughout their collections.  I try to infuse that in my work whenever possible, I’m a big fan of “less if more”.  Next would be children’s interior design which I’m obsessed with right now.  I LOVE bedding so much, my favorite part of designing any party is the kids tables, I like to think about them as a bed 🙂  That’s a HUGE nugget right there.  If you’re really studying event design and how to put elements together I would say to look at the way a room comes together, what elements do you need there?  Look at the way you put your outfit together or how you put your kids outfits together.  Pull that apart and start there!

Tips for getting inspiration for your next event:

  • Get outdoors, you’ll be surprised at how just observing nature and things in their natural element can be so inspiring.
  • Pull out your favorite outfit (of your child’s) and get clear on what makes it so great.
  • Visit your favorite home store, or the home section of your favorite store and really think about what makes those things appeal to you.

Here are some of my favorite tables I’ve designed.  When you look at them now, think about what I said about a well made bed or outfit.  Cheers to being inspired today!