Princess Jasmine Birthday – Village of Irvington

Princess Jasmine Birthday – Village of Irvington

I have the honor and the privilege of planning a Princess Jasmine 2nd birthday for a repeat client of mine.  A few times a year I have an event for an awesome family in the amazing town of Irvington New York, also known as the Village of Irvington.  I love referring to it by the latter because it truly looks like a village.  Recently I went to scout out locations for another event for this family and had the opportunity to drive around further through the town and saw how truly gorgeous it really is.  Quaint little shops, boutiques, restaurants, and everything you could imagine seeing in a little town referring to itself as a “village” lining the hudson.  The views from my clients home is absolutely breathtaking, I’m hoping that one day we take the party to the backyard but for now the view from the living room is spectacular as you’ll see from the photos below.

This Princess Jasmine birthday was for the next to youngest member of the family, Cassidy.  We really wanted to mash up a few themes here, of course Jasmine, India, Morocco, Genie, etc.  The movie has a little bit of everything and more than anything the colors are vibrant and fun.  So many people are afraid to infuse vibrant colors into their parties and doing a theme like this really give you permission to do that.  I love that!!

If there’s anything you should take away from this event, I would love for it to be to not be afraid of color.  So many times I suggest a color pallet to a client and they want me to change the colors by making them pastel or less vibrant.  Trust me, colors can change the entire feel of the event.  I would use less vibrant colors for something that’s vintage and maybe even some modern designs but in general, I think children’s events should be fun and vibrant – use some color people, don’t be afraid 🙂



Cake – Lulu Cake Boutique

Flowers – Barbara’s Flowers

Sweets – Lil’ Cutie Pops

Henna – Warwick Henna

Belly Dancer – Rockin Roxannes

Photography – Rando Lawrence Photography