Little Shop of Horrors Halloween

Little Shop of Horrors Halloween

Little Shop of Horrors was one of my most favorite movies and musicals growing up.  Watching it on WPIX11 during the Saturday afternoon movie with my mom is a fond memory.  Trying to come up with an idea for Halloween was weighing on me, everything I came up with felt uninspiring.  I don’t LOVE Halloween colors so much or themes…although it’s fun it’s not my favorite.  This year I decided to let my creative mind wonder and when I did, the most amazing idea entered.  A update on one of my most favorite movies!  It would be a Little Shop of Horrors Halloween re-make.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Making over Mushniks!  A Halloween Feel Good Story

Many people don’t know what happened to Mushniks after the owner disappeared.  Seymour was Mr. Mushniks top assistant and after the rightful heirs to the rundown flower shop refused to take over the title, Seymour and his lovely wife Audrey brought it as a way to keep it from being destroyed.  It was a big part of their love story afterall.  They were never able to properly care for the business and were over-burdened with the shop while also raising their family in the burbs.  As they entered the sunset of their lives, they hoped that there might be a suitable owner that could better care for the shop and thus, put it up for sale.

Harper is the great grand daughter of Mr. Mushnik, the shops original owner.  Once she got wind of the sale, she could stop at nothing to save up enough money to purchase it herself.  To her surprise, Seymour and Audrey were so happy to have her interested they gave it to her as a gift, just as her dearly departed great-grandfather would’ve wanted.

Once Harper took ownership of the shop, the plants all thrived under her care.  She didn’t know she would have such a gift for horticulture!  She started doing research into the strange and interesting plant the Audrey II she’s heard so much about over the years and soon started to grow some of her own.   Harper got them to actually eat plant food instead of blood!

Harper is showing off the huge make over and her Audrey II’s this Saturday  at the Halloween grand opening event!  The whole downtown and Skid Row is invited.

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