How to Throw the Perfect Princess Party

How to Throw the Perfect Princess Party

I’ve thrown a lot of parties in my time as The Party Muse.  This was a wonderful wild princess party that went off without a hitch!  Since it was so perfect, I decided to right about how to throw the perfect princess party….as I now feel fully qualified lol.  The clients for this party were so lovely, and the birthday girl herself was a true princess.  Most of the party goers were little girls, and each of them beamed with princess pride as soon as they entered our majestic domain!

I was so happy to work with an amazing Boston photographer, Kin & Kid.  Here photos were real and absolutely exquisite.  She captured the mood of the party as well as our beautiful birthday princess amazingly.  I was lucky to find her and I’m so happy to share her photos with you.

Rule 1 – Princesses love animals!

Our princesses were kept busy with our petting zoo.  We had chickens, bunny rabbits, pony rides, llamas, and more.  They road, petted, and played their hearts out!

Rule 2 – Princesses are true artists

Another activity we had was some art projects.  Our princesses and princes filled in hand drawn glass slippers and swords with the plenty of jewels.

Rule 3 – Princesses sometimes need extra training

We were all reminded of our true princesses act by inviting a few princess come to demonstrate.  They read, sang, and most of all practiced their manners with some of the experts in the field!

Rule 4 – Never leave a princess waiting for her mac n’ cheese lunch

It’s always a hot topic what was served at a kids birthday party.  I myself when I first started would always be stumped by this question.  I’ve dedicated entire blog posts and pinterest boards to the topic.  Well just so you know, all princesses are very fond of chicken strips and Mac n’ cheese lol.  Mystery solved!

Rule 5 – A princess could always use a new tiara

All the girls were gifted with a beautiful new tiara reminding them that they are all princesses!  Calligraphy by Minted Feather Ink Studio. 

Take a look at all the photos from the party here!