5 Ways to Entertain Kids at a Party

5 Ways to Entertain Kids at a Party

I know one of the pain points for planning a successful children’s party is, how do you entertain a room full of kids?! So many people ask me this and I’m always a little baffled by it because we were all kids at some point. As an adult with adult responsibilities I know childhood seems so far away. And who’s to say you actually had that much fun as a kid or even remember anymore lol. I can speak for myself and say, that most of the stuff I played as a child wouldn’t be totally appropriate for a birthday party these days. So, I get it to an extent. However, likely the games that you play in a school yard at recess are still the same games kids are playing these days. My kids love freeze dance, musical chairs, and red light-green light. They still race each other and play tag, and try to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. In the summer they build sand castles and in the summer we decorate ginger bread houses. Those are all activities you can do with kids at your parties. Those are all activities that I’ve done with kids at a party!

I want to encourage you to not make it a puzzle, don’t sit for hours and take a poll on what would be fun. Just remember what you used to do and what you enjoyed as a child and do that! To help you out a little I have below a list of 5 ways to entertain kids at a party. I should also say that these are all THEME NEUTRAL so consider this a cheat sheet! Also, I’m attaching a download for you that I created with 13 entertainment options for your next children’s party.


5 Ways to Entertain Kids at a Party:

  1. Art Projects – Art projects can take any form you want and they are not just for art themed parties. Art is so versatile that it will fit with just about any theme. I’m hard pressed to think of something it wouldn’t go with. Painting, noodle art, science experiments, and slime making are just a few popular activities.
  2. Bubbly Show – Again really not tied to any theme. Get a good “bubble magician” and trust me, all you have to do is sit and enjoy. The bubbles are great for any theme, really good for smaller kids, and will keep the kids super engaged!
  3. Story Telling/Puppet Show – Contrary to popular belief, you can actually get kids to stay seated for some portion of time during a party. A great story works like a charm! This works well for kids older than 3 and to keep them interested add props!
  4. Food decorating – Cupcakes, cookies, and gingerbread houses are all great ways to have kids decorate and create something yummy to take home with them.
  5. Music! I’m sure you can guess, this is in most cases the number one thing I would suggest for kids of all ages. Sure the type of music will differ but anything from a great sing along for a 1st birthday to a kids DJ for a 5th birthday (and older) is always a huge hit. A good kids DJ will bring props and play tons of age appropriate interactive games that will keep the kids entertained.

I hope you enjoyed my list! Here is a download for you: 13 Entertainment Ideas for your next kids party.